Monday, June 13, 2011

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Oh dear.
I dropped my hand mirror.

I quite like the new aspect.

I showed it to some of the arty female faces in my house
and I think they agree.
An interesting reflection on life..

"I love mirrors.
They let one pass through the surface of things"
                                                             Claude Chabrol

'Life is like a mirror.
We get the best results when we smile at it"

"It is a city of mirrors,
the city of images,
at once solid and liquid,
at once air and stone."
                                                                                               Erica Jong

"Fantasy mirrors desire.
Imagination reshapes it."
                       M Cooley

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  1. You have some amazing artwork in your home, Joan. And I love how the broken mirror highlights the images randomly and interestingly (which sounds like a made-up word, doesn't it?)

  2. I enjoyed these 'reflections' Joan - they are multi-facetted, just like your doodles. Nice quotes too.

  3. Well, I'm learning that nothing that happens in your life is by "chance," but mirrors it in some pretty interesting ways, as it does for all of us if we're paying attention. Your mirror appears to be fragmented, yet is still whole.

    You've given me a very concise, vital lesson in life. Thank you.

  4. What an "Alice through the looking glass" you mirror here, Joan.

    I think that our lives are cracked images, and much more interesting for it, in spite of the sadness and pain, and because of the beauty. Wouldn't this be a wonderful lesson for a writing class?

    Each of your photos is a work of art and I can imagine you going from piece to piece, cracked mirror in hand, positioning the mirror just so, taking oodles of pictures for just the right ones. Makes one's heart sing.

  5. Very creative, Joan. So much could be done with each of your photos (nice job!) and the quotes - but my favorite is the eyes in the first mirror - they see life - cracks, smiles and all -- assessing and understanding, maybe not liking some things but not judging. Beautifully done!

  6. Such serendipity! A wonderful post!