Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When I was a child, our books mostly came from somewhere else.
Somehow it felt as if life was really happening somewhere else, not in Aotearoa- New Zealand.
How different it is today.
Our children are growing up with a plethora of wonderful books written by New Zealand writers, set in our own amazing land.
Margaret Mahy is one of our amazing writers.  She is most certainly a wonderful word witch of great magic.
I remember asking once, in a school staffroom, where Margaret Mahy lived and when a colleague suggested Banks Peninsula,  another added "Margaret Mahy? Doesn't she live down the bottom of the garden?"

While her books are definitely rooted in our own land,  she leads us into a fantasy world of fun and adventure.
You are a treasure Margaret Mahy.


  1. What a magical video. It sounds like very empowering ideas, especially for young girls. A national treasure for you here.

  2. I don't know how Margaret Mahay passed me by all these years, but, she did. Thankfully, Joan, you are here in cyberspace, blogging, and now I have met her wonderful works. I just checked our library system and her children's books are at all of them, just waiting for me to pluck off of the shelves, which I am sure I will do soon. Thank you (loved the film clip).

  3. Oooh, you have piqued my interest. I shall have to see what I can find by MM.

  4. Thank you for sharing this video. I'm going to look into Margret Mahay's work. I know what you meant when you wrote it seemed everything came from someplace else...

  5. I felt the same growing up - other than Anne of Green Gables, most of the authors were from England or the States. Thankfully, though, it has changed.

    I love those fantasy worlds - what magic writing!