Monday, June 6, 2011

Today is the birthday of
age 7..
as bright as a button
and wise beyond her years..

I decided Margaret Mahy's
The Witch Word
is exactly right for
my little friend.

Happy birthday Victoria-Sofia!
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  1. I just stopped to check before heading up to bed and here you are with this magical book and post for Victoria Sofia's birthday. It looks absolutely delightful and what a sweet birthday tribute from her good neighbor Joan.

    Off I go now, up to bed, with a smile on my face as I think of such a lucky girl turning eight in New Zealand.

    Happy Birthday Victoria-Sofia from Illinois, USA

  2. How lucky Victoria-Sofia is to have a friend like you! I would love to include this friendship in my chapter on relationships; it's so special. But maybe you are already putting that in some notes for me!

  3. She will love her gift, Joan!

    Happiest of Birthdays, Victoria-Sofia!

  4. Happy Birthday, Victoria-Sofia! You and Joan are so fortunate to have each other as friends.

  5. PS What a beautiful header photo!

  6. Happy B'day VS - June is a great month to have a birthday :)
    Check out my blog m-i-l... there's a little award for you