Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just another walk around the lake..

A glorious morning again this morning
as I set off on my early morning walk.

By the look of the beautiful coloured sky,
rain may be on the way.

I played sleuth checking out who had been on the path before me.
Australian coots..

human joggers..

lanky-legged pukeko..

and .. oh - oh! I've seen this sign before.
I think it was on the Colosseum wall, graffiteed a couple of thousand years ago.
Nothing new under the sun.

This woman walked along by me for a while.
She carried the whole world in her kit bag.
The large plastic globe was for a project at work she told me.

The man mowing the wet lawns stopped his tractor with a cheery hello,
careful not to fling any errant stones as I walked by.
Ah the things that I see
walking around the lake.

I walk and walk and wonder for how long I could keep walking.

A friend has thrown out a challenge to do the Camino.
800 ks across Spain.
Now that is one big challenge!
That is one Big Walk!
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  1. Sounds nice. Shirley MacLaine did the Camino several years ago and wrote an interesting book about it. I thought at the time that it sounds challenging but very rewarding. Nothing like a good walk to clear oneself.

  2. I feel as if I've just taken the walk around the lake with you this morning, Joan. A lot of living goes into these moments of life, doesn't it? How nice of the groundskeeper to stop the mower as you went past and your fall colors are still so beautiful. Ah, life is grand.

  3. Love the footprints! And the sunrise was, indeed, much like mine. Fun to think of you and me on opposite sides of the world waiting like paparazzi for him to show his face.

  4. I wonder if the cheeky pukeko was chasing the jogger? They've been known to do that!

    And as for the Camino - I'll meet you at the start xx

  5. I have never heard of the Camino. I'm going to have to open myself up more to things that are happening in the world. And Shirley MacLaine wrote a book about it? Where have I been? Lost in California, I'd say. Thanks for the new research project and for the lesson of tracks. I think that they are really interesting to look at.

  6. I love the traces left behind on previous walks, Joan, and your eye for spotting the little details. I am now going to have to look up what exactly an Australian Coot is because those are intriguing tracks!

    My daughter-in-law is arriving in Spain tonight -I'll have to tease her about getting out her walking shoes and tackling that!

  7. What fun the footprints are.

  8. Thank you for sharing your lovely walk with me. (The groundskeeper seems very nice.) We're going into hot summer colors and you're going into deeper fall colors. I love how blogging brings us all together.

    I thought of you yesterday when I finished Alexnder McCall Smith's "La's Orchestra Saves the World" - it's not his best work but neither is it a bad book - in fact, I quite enjoyed it - a story set in pre-war London that moves through the years. Anyway, if you're in the library and the book's available, I think you'd enjoy the read.