Thursday, December 22, 2011

I love the way nature in all its surprises
makes me feel breathless and expanded in soul.

Two nights ago
was a such a night..
I went upstairs to relax in front of the television
but never got to turn it on.
Instead I sat on my little deck and watched the sky..

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  1. this morning I can add text only above the first photo, and then a pop up tells me there is an error in text.. so frustrating!

  2. Hmmm, I haven't had this problem. Very frustrating.

    Gorgeous doodle and photos. I too have been watching our sky and have been filled with wonder and awe. Nature certainly has been giving us gifts with the ever changing skyscapes.

  3. You call forth such beauty. I really needed to see this just now. Thank You.

  4. What utter magic Joan, and what synchronicity, because I too have been beguiled by the skies now that I am out at the bach. I posted a 'skies' blog just last night.
    I'm also frustrated by the internet because now that I'm out here on slow dialup it takes forever to load photo-rich blog posts of others. I couldn't get Marilyn's to load, and yours is also very slow - so I may have to wait and do a big catchup when I return to town.

  5. Wonderful skies! So glad you captured them and Blogger let you post them!

  6. Joan, these are breathtaking! They are, to me, like photographing hope. You are a dear to share them.

    I've been having trouble getting onto blogspot blogs for a few weeks. It takes a long time to come on the screen. I'd think it was computer or my server, but, it only happens with blogspot. You might want to check with them. Good luck.

  7. Wonderful pictures and wonderful colours with a rainbow. Thank you for sharing, Joan.

  8. Gorgeous! I'm glad you spied the sky. Rainbows always make me feel happy and hopeful.

    I wish you a beautiful Christmas, Joan, and a New Year filled with rainbows :)