Friday, December 9, 2011

A Stripey Puzzle..

I woke early this morning
and lay staring at my window..

of sunlight

around my room

the gift of rising sun

in my early morning doodle

on my mind

a cathedral of stripes

on the outside

and stripes
on the inside...

 I had a problem.
I could not remember
where Josie and I had visited this cathedral.
That's what comes of visiting many cathedrals.

Google to the rescue!
Of course..
it is the Cathedral of Orvieto.

A thirteenth century wonder.
Problem solved.
I'll share more later!
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  1. I love the softness of your early morning stripes. Early morning light is so very beautiful.

  2. I love how you tied everything together - and how the sunlight's beam rises up against the stripes in the cathedral (lots of symbolism there). And Orvieto wine is lovely, too.

  3. Nice photographs, Joan. That cathedral is magnificent.

  4. What a lovely linking of stripes and thoughts. When I saw the striped cathedral, I thought, 'I know it! I've seen it - but where?' - so I was relieved that you worked it out. Orvieto of course; I was there in the 60s. I've so enjoyed travelling in your footprints recently Joan.
    PS Love your little piece about yourself on the top right, and what you say about keeping your traveller's eyes open - it's been updated.

  5. What a creative study in strips, Joan. Your very first picture reminds me of an Andrew Wyeth painting. Such a wonderful way to awaken.