Sunday, December 18, 2011

Summer Rains..

Summer rains..

and the plants are loving it.

All things green

seem extra perky

and growing fast.

The elfin hats of the agapanthus are bursting

and the strawberries
are ripe and lush

like fat, red velvet cushions
studded with gold
and full of juice
that is surely the nectar of the gods.

I bite in and the licky red juice dribbles on my lips..

as I listen
to the velvety plip plop
of the magic brew
on the stove..

Strawberry, Mint and Pepper Jam
for some future time

when remembering
is a cheering thing to do.

The rains have been kind to us.
I am so sorry for Nelson and Collingwood
and any place where the rains have been far too much!
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  1. Gorgeous photos J, and your jam sounds fabulous; I am not a jam person but I am sure I would love this combination.
    Hasn't it been wet! I too feel sorry for the people in the Nelson/Tasman districts. Just had an email from an elderly Nelson friend who are safe but his wonderful vegetable garden is completely under water; Bill said that he just looked out his window and can see another 8 slips on the hills above Tahunanui that weren't there earlier this afternoon.

  2. Oh, those strawberries look so luscious, Joan, and your picture so wonderful I feel like biting into it. I love the way you caught the raindrops, especially on the agapanthus. I adore the flower, but, they aren't perennial in our area and cost an arm and a leg for a summer of a few blooms. Do I sound jealous? Well, yes I am. tee hee

  3. I'm just going to sit and drink in your beautiful summer photographs, Joan. It's wonderful to feast on all that green when everything here is so dull and grey.

    The jam looks and sounds delicious!

  4. I'm licking my lips as I look at those scrumptious strawberries. It's good to be reminded how much the garden loves the rain.

  5. Oh what wonderful strawberries. I can almost taste them when I see your fantastic photo. those berries look like the "real" strawberries. The good old sort.
    Lovely pictures of the green plants.

  6. That jam recipe sounds wonderful.

  7. Wow, this post instantly transported me to May! It seems so funny to me that in other parts of the world, Christmas and New Year are associated with blooming things and fresh strawberries! Please post that jam recipe, I would love to try it!!