Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A little bit of doodle madness..

One thing I have learnt
is to keep on.

If at first a book does not please or is hard to understand,
I keep reading and often they become the most memorable.

Some of my greatest adventures have been well
outside my comfort zone.

So too with doodling.
Keep on with a drawing that appears a failure
and something always comes of it..
however crazy.
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  1. Wonderful doodle, Joan. Wonderful.
    I always feel I've learned more from my failures than my success. . . well, at least after the hurt and disappointment subsides, and it is those failures that lead to the success. Your talent and your words always amaze and inspire me.

  2. Your doodles, dear Joan, have outgrown their humble beginnings and are becoming Art...

  3. Ha ha! You are very kind Vicki.. and Penny! It's all about letting go..finding the child. I might learn to do art like Speckly-Woo! That is my aim!

  4. Marvellous illustration of making sparks out of anything. What a great approach to life.