Monday, January 2, 2012

I've been having issues with postings on my blog.  I became so frustrated I decided to have a break, and went off in a huff!

I plan to come back one day.  This is to say hi to Blogging friends and to say I'mm keeping an eye on you!   I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas and wish you every blessing for the New Year.

I've been re-listening to a radio panel with two of my favourite New Zealand writers, Dr Glenn Colquhoun and Kate de Goldi.  I thought I would share it with you as a New Year gift from NZ.  

Catch you soon.  xoxo


  1. Happy New Year and all the best for 2012

  2. Happy New Year, Joan, with peace, good health, and good cheer. Sometimes a break is just what is needed, but, it is good to know you are alright. Penny

  3. happy New Year...and keep that camera going

  4. Hi Joan, nice to know you are still out there. I'm on dial-up at the bach and yours is one of the blogs that takes a long time to load, probably because of so many wonderful photos. So I'm glad I'm not missing anything right now!
    Happy new year to you, and I look forward to more posts from you when it's all sorted. Meanwhile, enjoy the break.

  5. Happiest of times in 2012, Joan! Looking forward to your return.

  6. Hej Joan! Happy New Year! I hope you're coming back soon!
    Grethe ´)