Thursday, November 10, 2011


We leave Venice and head for the hills;

the hills of Tuscany..

hilltop towns
and vineyards and olive groves
and a warm
laidback feeling ..

sometimes it truly feels we are
alive in a postcard world.

A strange land but so familiar.
More to follow!
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  1. I've just been catching up on your magical stories of Venice. And now Tuscany! - another place of beloved pilgrimage for me in the past. I am so enjoying travelling with you Joan.

  2. I've often fancied the idea of taking a holiday in Tuscany. One day, perhaps.

  3. I want to live in Tuscany, I'm in love with Tuscany, I have always wanted to live in Tuscany, I have never been in Tuscany, sniff... `(

  4. You're truly in a special world. It's as if time is different. Enjoy the trip. The magic will be in your suitcase when you fly.