Saturday, November 12, 2011

San Gimignano..

We walked through the old city gate

into the dreamy and oh so picturesque walled hilltop town of

San Gimignano.

We wandered about the narrow cobbled streets

just drinking in the ambiance,

feeling in awe of its history and age.

We found ourselves a table at a busy cafe
and ordered ourselves a drink.
Having had a limoncello the night before
we fancied trying this delightful beverage again.

Alas. Our Italian is sadly wanting,
and me mentioning the words cool and fresh
was not clever!

It looked great!
it was pure
freshly squeezed
lemon juice!!

How we laughed at ourselves!

We added some sugar and decided it was just right!!

We were successful ordering the rest of our lunch
and I can still taste this
simple and very fresh food.

The gelato we had later, sitting on the steps of the Duomo / church
was mm..mmm perfecto!

So too was the Duomo itself. This is both a church and a treasure trove of art
with its beautiful chapels, altars, paintings, freizes and frescoes.
This was a taste of things Tuscan.
Oh to return and stay longer!

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  1. I've enjoyed catching up a bit on your trip, Joan, and laughing aloud at the lemoncello! What fun mixed in with all the beauty.

  2. Oh, what fun, ordering food in a foreign language and ending up with something unexpected. I love the cobbled streets and old buildings.

  3. How funny! But the meal looks delicious! And the sight-seeing, here and previous posts is WONDERFUL!