Monday, November 14, 2011

Buttercup days

are happy days;

when the sun makes diamonds
down at the lake;

 water lilies shine;

and everyone seems happy.

Just the day for
making bubbles.

Little Two Years
is mastering the art

and big sister makes her laugh.

Happy buttercup days!
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  1. Love how the sun makes diamonds on the lake! Beautiful photos and beautiful children. (I still like to make those bubbles and catch them!)

  2. Buttercup days! Isn't that a wonderful time? This evokes such warmth and whimsy, Joan, and what lovely sisters to enjoy it all with. Have more happy buttercup days.

  3. How I am loving your holiday posts - but this is the one that makes me miss you the most! So exciting to have the prospect of a visit from the newlyweds (well, they're still newlyweds to me) xx