Sunday, November 6, 2011

Memories of Venice..

Walking in Venice after dark is one of the loveliest things to do.
Many of the tourists have gone back to the mainland.
It is quiet
and the moon is reflected in the water of the canals.

One such evening we were wandering along
when we heard the most amazing singing..
rich male voices
singing the beautiful and plaintive songs of the Jewish people.
The men were gathered in a small cafe.
It was Friday
and they were welcoming in the Sabbath.
We sat by the edge of the canal
and felt such blessings in this beautiful place
as we quietly listened.

We discovered the next day the cafe was part of the Jewish Ghetto,
an ancient part of Venice.

A visit to the Cathedral in St Marks Square is very special.
The exquisite mosaics, the four bronze horses..

During the day the crowds of tourists are overwhelming.

I rose early in the morning, as the big bells were ringing
and crossed the almost empty square and let myself into the Cathedral by
 a door on the side wall to the left.
In the company of five nuns and a handful of people I attended early morning mass.
This was such a special and meditative way to visit the cathedral
and an experience that I will treasure forever.

Painting.. Procession in St Marks Square.  Bellini 1496
from'Venice Revisited' S Harris.
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  1. I'm really enjoying your travelogue, Joan. Your accounts are offering such a delightful, personal perspective. Thank you.

  2. You say so much, evoke such rich images, with your words. I feel privileged to be allowed into your travels, filled with soft feelings that are very inspiring to me, as though you are walking on the earth with such gentleness and quiet.

  3. Dear Joan, I have so enjoyed catching up on your blogs. From Venice by moonlight, the gondoliers and Vivaldi, welcoming the Sabbath at a cafe and celebrating early morning mass at the Cathedral (not to mention the shrimp meal), you have captivated me for your grace and your pictures-and your latest doodle.

    I have always been drawn to worship in the early morning hours or the late night prayers. I feel more at peace then. I would have loved the Cathedral so early in the morning.

  4. Two very special experiences! I'm really enjoying your travels!