Friday, November 4, 2011

..and then of course..there is Burano..

There is something about Venice
that causes me to remember it as if it was all
a beautiful dream.

The Island of Burano is like that.
With its leaning tower

and coloured houses.
It is the island of the Venetian fishermen and lace makers.


and peaceful
and oh so charming.

We ate our lunch at this cafe

and I put down my fork to photograph our entree..
not that I would have forgotten it.

So light and delicate this dish of  creamy rice and tiny shrimps.
We ate it slowly
and mindfully..

and wondered
was it the sea air and the place
that made this simple dish so divine.
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  1. Magical words and pictures, Joan.

  2. Just beautiful. Love the colors. The water in your header looks alive, like I could reach out and touch it.

  3. Thank you for bringing back the magic of Venice. I'm loving your travel posts Joan.