Sunday, July 29, 2012

How a three year old can fill a house .
So busy and determined and living every moment.

There is a quiet small girl shaped hole in my house just now.


The coloured pencils sit undisturbed
and the butterfly, that a small time ago
was a princess fascinator,
sits forlorn.

The toy cupboard is shut
and the zhuzhu pet is strangely quiet... 

Little doll sits lonely on the stairs
and big bouncy ball is still.

The Teddy Boys lie exhausted on the
"Grandchild Bed".... 

and Tommy, neatly dressed again,
lies smiling with a head full of memories
and his backpack waiting for the next time.

We miss you small girl 
whose letter is
We miss you small girl
   whose number is

We have no one to explain which house Mr Bingley lives in,
or whether Jane said yes or no to marriage proposals.

No one to tell, word for word perfect,
the scary tale of Jack and the Beanstalk.

No one to chase the bubbles we blow.

No one to exclaim when the Baddies Are About
or  squeal with delight at Naughty Mr Bean
as we watch yet another replay of The Olympic Games Opening.

 thank you for coming
with clever
Mummy and Daddy

and we hope that one day
you will all come again!

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  1. This is lovely, Joan. I know exactly how you feel. I believe all grandmothers across this earth understand.


  2. Thank you Jan.. Eve is not my grandchild.. but, yes, every grandmother must know this..

  3. This is so sweet. It reads like a children's book written with love.

  4. Hej Joan. These are the most charming photos telling a lot about your little grandchild Eve. It's easy to see that this little girl has a lovely and safe childhood.

    When will she come back to her things and her granny? Very soon? I'm sure she wants to.....

    Grethe ´)

  5. I'll bet there is a Joan-shaped hole in little Eve's life just now...

  6. An enchanting post, Joan, and what fun you must have with Eve, and she with you.

  7. How poignant this post is Joan. A special little girl has been to visit, and has left your home resonant with memories. I hope she comes again soon.