Tuesday, July 10, 2012

School Winter holidays.
Yes. It is winter and we are enjoying the sunniest days.
Today was such a beautiful day
and it was our 'Victoria-Sofia and Joan' day out.

What better way to enjoy our day than a day at Hobbiton, Matamata,
here in the Waikato.
Victoria-Sofia is eight
and eight year olds are really into friendships,
so we invited one  of her BFF's to join us..
sweet Joanna. 

It seemed the perfect day to visit
part of the film set of The Lord of the Rings and lately
for the filming of The Hobbit. 

Set on a private farm, it is becoming a permanent fixture
and a popular place to visit.
People come from overseas to walk around this beautiful little valley.
That is BagEnd up there and
the tree on the top of the hill is fake.
Such is the land of Hobbiton.  

Fake too are the ancient looking beehives. 

The houses are really quaint.
I cannot stop from feeling I would like to live here. 

Over the lake we can see the bridge and the mill with a water wheel turning.
There is a Pub and stables and the market place.  All fake.
Further building is taking place.
I believe a motel is the plan.
Imagine staying overnight here, wandering around this dreamy place.

Hobbiton really caught the imaginations of my two small friends.
Here they are dancing on The Party Field beside The Party Tree. 

Every little Hobbit house is unique,

with delightful homely touches. 

Little gardens and seats to sit in the sunshine. 

This is Bilbo Baggin's house. Quite grand. 

Anybody home? 

What a happy day we had. 

I find myself dreaming of having my own little hobbit house.
A very small energy footprint.
Wonderful insulation...

and the Hobbit way of life being one of comfort and contentment
and  the simple things of life.
Sounds pretty perfect to me.
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  1. What a fun way to spend a day with your little friends, and aren't they the height of fashion? Such sweet faces.

    I agree with you, Joan. I have long been intrigued by living in an even smaller, simple space. A Hobbit house would be perfect.

    I had forgotten that those films were made in NZ. I imagine things get lively for awhile.

  2. Very busy at this farm Teresa Evangeline. I am astonished at how a whole small valley has been transformed into Middle Earth with fake houses but real vegetable gardens etc. all for a few minutes of film at the beginning and the end of Bilbo Baggin's adventures. I'm looking forward to seeing the film when it comes out in December.

  3. What fun, and what lucky girls they are to have you take them to Hobbiton.

  4. What joy to come along on this enchanting adventure with you and these two darling girls, Joan. I can imagine a future outing with them to see The Hobbit when it is released. Wouldn't it be just grand to have one of these houses all to oneself?

  5. Thank you Juliet and Penny. It is certainly a magic place to visit, especially if you have a mind for fantasy and dreaming!

  6. I want one for my own!!! I love it!!!


  7. Thank you, Joan, for taking us along. I, too, am enchanted with the idea of a house like one of those...