Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Amongst some fruit
left at my door
some weeks ago,
 was this small pinkish glass vase
and a dry brown bulb.

Our winters being warmish
and bulbs liking cold
 I popped both bulb and vase into the fridge
pushed to the back
almost forgot that it was there.

Two weeks ago I brought it out,
filled the vase with water,
and placed it on the small red dresser near my table.


First the softest threads of roots
came birthing in the water
and then the small green shoots began to crack
the dry brown bulb apart.
There came an urgent
 thrust of six green leaves
tall and straight. 

Every glance today
I see a silent pinkish growth is happening
like a small child grows
so fast yet imperceptible
to a parent

this growth is silent
and immeasurable to my eye.

If someone asks me
what it was I did today
I'll quietly say

I've watched a miracle.

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  1. A beautiful poetic thought. To watch a flower come into full being would be a fine way to spend any day.

  2. What a wonder to behold, isn't it Joan? That looks to be a hyacinth and before you know it the next miracle will be its intoxicating fragrance.

  3. Lovely words, Joan and so magical to watch a bulb become a living beautiful plant~~~

  4. Beautiful Joan, it is a miracle indeed.

  5. What a beautiful miracle, Joan.