Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Late afternoon around the lake..

After several days of rain
it was bliss to take a walk around the lake this afternoon.

Large puddles lay on the soggy field. 

Already the snowdrops are flowering 

and the first daffodils are out 

while the last blooms on the hydrangeas
are no longer bright blue but a pale greenish shade
and their leaves are turning yellow and soon will drop.

The winter winds have sent macrocarpa branches

crashing to the ground 

and the raupo reeds have died back
allowing room for new spring shoots to grow. 

The sunny day turns the lake into duck heaven 

and I watch this pair
engaged in some seemingly special ritual,
dipping beaks and dropping little diamonds of sparkling water
while circling round one another.

I'm taken by surprise when the male,
after flapping wings and posturing,
suddenly mounts the female
and I realise I've witnessed a courtship ritual. 

Quickly over,
the female dips herself in the water and flaps her wings
and gathers her composure.
He does the same, and after their ablutions,
she leads the way back to shore
as if to say..
come on.. we'd better get that nest built!

I walk on with a feeling of peace.
Amongst the dying of winter
the wondrous
dance of life goes on.
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  1. From the budding flowers to the courtship of ducks; it doesn't get much better on a late afternoon at the edge of winter, does it Joan? I always marvel at the little dots around snowdrops and wonder at their perfect symmetry. I am loving you post, full of hope today, as we teeter once again towards three digit degrees of heat.

  2. How beautiful, Joan. I have enjoyed this post so much with all of the lovely flowers, nature and in all of its beauty...thank you.


  3. Such pretty pictures, I love that quiet lake and the sweet ducks.
    Grethe ´)

  4. A lovely post, Joan! How pleasant to think of snow drops and daffodils...

  5. Wonderful told story aboth daying winter.You are so clever. Nice to follow you.

  6. What a delightful walk, filled with signs of life.