Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Well.. here it is , Port Charles.

The name sounds very important and in the early days when sea transport
was the major way of moving people and things this would have been a busier place.

Today it is a sleepy mellow place of Stony Bay and Sandy Bay.

The tip of Coromandel Peninsula is a place of beauty and peacefulness.
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  1. I'm just doing a bit of catching up, Joan, and have enjoyed your latest doodle and the ride along the way and at Port Charles. It is such a pleasure to visit you here on your blog and enjoy the warm days so far away from us here and see how different, and in many ways the same, just not the weather, the seasons are. Such beautiful photos.

  2. I remember a camping holiday many years ago, staying firstly at Port Jackson then we went around to Port Charles and spent some time there. Must go back sometime - Jeff says we will do the 10km walk between the two ports.

  3. Your country's beauty never fails to touch me. What a place that is! How wonderful it would be to sit there and just watch the sea...