Monday, December 6, 2010

I had a lovely weekend..
travelling back up the Coromandel Peninsula,
this time to find Port Charles.

I did this doodle last night
remembering the peacefulness of this sparsely populated place;
a place of the sea and bush clad hills,
of manuka and kanuka trees in full flower,
dusting the hills with white,
and the deep red of pohutukawa flowering along the coast road.

I have some photos to post later..
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  1. Joan, your post so interested me I Googled Port Charles. Loved reading how Capt. Cook made his men eat cabbage so they wouldn't get scurvy. Ohhhh, I'm looking forward to your photos.

  2. This is so beautiful Joan. Jeff , Mike and Nathan spent Friday, Saturday & Sunday up at Port Jackson, I have just posted their photos ...strange to think you were just over the other side. Jeff commented on how beautiful everything looked especially the pohutukawa trees.

  3. So beautiful...and I love "like a seed that grows"...

    Sounds like a lovely weekend. Can't wait to see the photos, Joan!

  4. Beautiful doodle!

    I look forward to seeing the pictures of the red blossomed pohutukawa trees -- something I read about years ago in GREEN DOLPHIN STREET.

  5. Kittie.. great researching.. and the cabbage Capt. Cook got his men to eat was not the vege garden was, I am told, the leaves of the cabbage tree! Nobody eats those these days!

    Marilyn.. it is just the time for going up the Coromandel! Sorry theu didn't catch a fish. We ate ours in a cafe in Coromandel on the way home.
    Thank you Talon and Vicki.. I haven't read GREEN DOLPHIN STREET Vicki>>must look in the library!

  6. I love your doodle. I see the red of pohutukawa, blue of the sea, and delight in the adventure. The Coromandel is such a special place, with those winding roads, many islands and beautiful coastline.