Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One year of blogging..

Today is my blogging first birthday!

I've been giving it all some thought.
I've looked back to see what I had hoped to achieve by keeping a blog.

I had just completed a year of art with The Learning Connexion
and I thought a blog would help me continue to do arty things!

Art? I haven't done much more than a daily doodle in a journal.
I've become aware of what mindful art is..
trusting the intuitive side of my brain.

My little digital camera has become my constant companion during the year of blogging.
I have become more observant of nature, our amazing planet and the skies.
I have become an observer of the seasons in a new way.

I have also been very random in what I choose to blog about.
Most of all I have spent a lot of time exploring other wonderful blogs.
There are fellow bloggers who have come to feel like dear friends.

Maybe now is the time to take stock

* will I keep blogging

* what are my aims for the year to come

I think I will make a pot of tea and have a little think about it!

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  1. Congratulations on your first anniversary of blogging, Joan.

    I eagerly await your posts and enjoy them so much. I hope you continue.
    Isn't it amazing how we venture out, trying this, and end up learning so much about others - and about ourselves.

    I hope you enjoyed your pot of tea. I enjoyed mine as I sighed at the beauty of your rose.

  2. That photo of the rose is as soft as a sigh! How lovely!

    Congratulations on your first blog anniversary, Joan. A perfect time to take stock. Blogging seems to have a life of its own, doesn't it? I think it's a good plan to take stock and reflect on what it gives to your life and what it takes from it (for me, it's about the time it swallows up whole). The best part has been meeting some truly amazing people. A real gift.

  3. Beautiful rose ....enjoy your tea and ponderings.

  4. Happy blog birthday! Your blog has brought us much happiness and food for thought and reasons to drink tea... and if you don't continue I think you should keep the blog online so it's like a book we can revisit (this is my way of saying, DON'T STOP!). Without you there would never be a KitchenMaid xxx

  5. Happy Blog Birthday, Joan! You've got a gorgeous blog. Please keep doing what you're doing!

  6. Very interested to see that you did a course with The Learning Connection, I have seen their ads often and pondered...
    Happy Blog Birthday, I do hope you keep blogging

  7. I so enjoy stopping by for tea and a view of your world- congrats on your blog anniversary!