Friday, December 3, 2010

Daily Doodle..

Tangi e te riroriro
Te tohu o te raumati

Sweetly sings the grey warbler
Chant of summer days

Candles lit for Pike River Mine..
lost miners and their people

Travelling down the West Coast
we passed by River Pike Mine..

the name registered
then gone

River Pike Mine
is now forever
engraved in our hearts
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  1. Joan, Your doodling (it is so much more than that) and that little warbler sing with joy, knowing Life never ends. Your lighted candles are a lovely reminder of the light that cannot be extinguished.

  2. Teresa has beautifully expressed so much. Still, there is the sadness of lost lives and lost dreams. It's heartbreaking!

  3. Your art is so beautiful J. It reminds me of all that I love of the West Coast - the wild seas and winding roads, the bush and birds - all that really speaks to my soul each time I am there. What a wonderful memorial.

  4. Thank you Teresa E, Kittie and Marilyn. the quote I found in Juliet's Rituals For Aotearoa.

  5. Once again, Joan, a most delicious doodle.

  6. Your doodles are gorgeous! They're so full of light. Do you sell them, Joan? I would love to have one and frame it.

    Your memorial for the miners is beautiful.