Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I love the concept of Zentangles. How interesting to watch it develop.
I have been influenced by other artists.. i see their ideas pop up in my art. I've been told my art has a look of Aubrey Beardsley and I love the flowing lines of Beez in the Belfry.
These marks we make are as old as the universe. Just simple doodlers.. finding the marks for ourselves.
It is strange how we take ownership, name things, take control and then the rules come ... it is what we do... us fabulous creatures of the universe. We are organisers.

The word zen ..means meditation.. the awareness of the present moment. The release from the controls of habitual thought patterns that cause endless sufferings. To instead develop understanding and compassion. Zen to me seems more the un-naming. Added to the word tangle is an interesting enigma.
My own marks in my bathroom are truly a tangle!

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