Sunday, April 25, 2010

Riroriro- Sing a Song for Peace.

A mellow ANZAC morning.
A restful day of memory.
I have been sitting up in bed doodling away
thinking about the lovely day I had in Auckland yesterday.
The delicious morning tea and conversation Steve and I had with my lovely friend Barbara
on her back deck - drinking tea and eating freshly baked cheese puffs.
A wonderful reunion lunch with friends from 1960
Mater Hospital, where we were fresh from school working as nurse aids
before setting off on our careers.
A very happy day..
and all the while outside on this mellow ANZAC Day
the little Riroriro sings away unseen somewhere in my misty garden.
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  1. Lovely zen, and lovely sentiment! Perfectly embodies the day you had!

  2. Thank you Molossus for your comments. It often suprises me how strange a tangle seems to start with but if I keep going they seem to flow into something pleasing and beautiful.