Monday, April 12, 2010

A Few More Marks on THE TANGLE! It looks pretty crazy. I guess I will have to come out from behind the door one day.

Do you see a cobweb there?

I once watched an orb web spider make her exquisite web
one evening on the back porch at the farm.
Firstly, dropping and climbing over and over she made the frame of her web,
then round and round she went, her two back legs daintily
attaching her silk thread at every join.
It was perfect.

The spiders are busy on the two decks of my house now.
I cannot bring myself to brush them away.
On Sunday Badminton Bob did it for me while I wasn't looking.
I have to admit it looks much tidier with no cobwebs. But...

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  1. The magic continues! Love the cobweb - they are beautiful - love seeing them when out on early morning walks all defined with delicate dew drops. Are you enjoying your wall tangle- the doing of it?

  2. Hi M. I love doodling of course but doodling on a wall is a new skill .. much bigger movements and being me I never practised on anything else. I do enjoy doing it though.
    I think you would love zentangling Marilyn. It is a meditation.. very calming.
    I'm off to the dentist. Also a meditation? I definitely go somewhere else in my mind while in the chair!! Love J

  3. By the way M. There is nowhere to add comments on your blog...but oh dear your poor little caravan pushed about in the storm! i hope it is OK now.

  4. I don't know why the comment tag was missing off my blog but I have corrected it now.
    Our caravan is a very very old lady and she had had a hard life before she came to us, she is just that bit more battle scarred but is a survivor!