Monday, January 4, 2010

The Lovely Bones.

I had a lovely serendipitus day today. With my trusty backpack and an umbrella I set off into town to look for shoes for the wedding on Saturday. I found a gorgeous pair of red high heels with ankle straps in the Kumfs sale. Very happy.
I checked the movies and after a coffee and sandwich for lunch I saw THE LOVELY BONES. Well done Peter jackson. This is a unforgettable movie. A beautifully crafted movie.
I have only recently read the book, knowing the movie was coming. I was wondering how Jackson would portray "the-in-between " and it was glorious.
After the disappointment of THE VINTNER'S LUCK, where the movie turned a complex novel into a simple tale, THE LOVELY BONES was perfect. Absolutely gripping.

On my walk home I bumped into Janet and Kath and joined them for another coffee so what a lovely day I had. Now I'm off to Graham's for dinner. What a very nice life I have.

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