Sunday, January 3, 2010

Leeks and mindful eating.

I could not link up with my server yesterday. So no entry on my blog. Today my computer is all go again!

Well - I ate my leeks and drank my juice as planned yesterday. I set the table nicely, used a small plate and a good silver fork. At breakfast I decided leeks, with a little pepper, taste quite delicious. I savoured every spoonful. By the end of the meal I felt quite satisfied.

Thinking about this I decided this is what I am to learn from Mireille. To eat like a French woman. Buying food, preparing food and eating it --- mindfully, with love and passion.

I thought about how I usually eat alone ( I am mostly eating alone these days). I put my food on the table and think - that looks good. Then I turn on the radio and have the daily newspaper puzzles beside me to do as I eat. I am so distracted I often look at my empty plate in surprise that it is indeed empty. I also eat as though I have a train to catch!

So breakfast and lunch went well. However. Teatime came and the thought of leeks was nearly too much. My stomach did a lurch. So I put a little oil in a pan on the heat and added the half cup of leeks. I then grabbed a small tomato, cut it in half and added it to the pan!! Pepper on top and - voila! I ate my leeks with relish. A minor cheating!

Again this morning the thought of leeks made my stomach turn. I had slept soundly and definitely had a lovely light feeling that was very good. I drank the juice but couldn't bring myself to eat the leeks! I have to confess I ate a very small serve of cereal and felt really guilty.

However at lunch I warmed my half cup of leeks in the microwave and added a few cranberries to encourage myself. My lunch was delicious, eaten mindfully with no distractions. Drinking the juice is fine and I am drinking lots of water.

I am continuing reading Mireille's book and have found her website.

I keep thinking of Peta and thinking that this how she lives with food. With love and passion.

The other important thing is PORTION SIZE !!! I look at the amount of leeks on my plate and I am astounded at how satisfied I am when finished eating because I have eaten SLOWLY!

I love the chapter on exercise! Peta says her exercise is going to the market to buy her food and lifting her wine glass to her mouth. Sooo French. French women move - they walk, ride a bicycle but not many go to the gym or engage in sport. Use the stairs! Walk the longer route. Sounds good to me.

I was invited over the road to visit Russell's art exhibition yesterday. Russell lives in a flat among other people who, like him, have mental health problems. They and their caregivers are good neighbours. Russell is a delight. He is Buddist and his flat is like a little temple. His art is quite amazing, covering all the walls. He offered me a drink. Just water I told him because I am eating only leeks this weekend. He was delighted, especially to know I was trying to become more mindful as I ate. Staying in the present moment. Aware of taste and texture and colour... He is quite the guru. I came home inspired to carry this mindfulness into all facets of my life.

Tonight I can eat a little fish or chicken. Last night I was longing for it. Just now leeks seem ok. Maybe because I know I don't have to eat them for much longer. I will think about what I have learned during this. I may even do it again --- one day!

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