Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beautiful Universe

At 4.44am this morning I woke and made a little journey to the bathroom.
Before hopping back into my bed I looked out the window
and there in the East, with a flick of his tail
Do you remember Marie, so many
years ago in Northcote, two young nuns lying on their
backs on the tennis court in the dark, with
astronomy charts and torches, gazing at the stars?
And you said "There's Scorpio!" and there he was.
I've never forgotten the thrill.

I'll never forget too, the night in San Francisco
when Larry got out his telescope and I saw
jupiter and her moons, looking like a sparkling
engagement ring. One big diamond and a sprinkle of small diamonds on either side.
Exquisite. Thank you Larry!
There was magic in the air in San Francisco then.
Jupiter and Venus and the crescent moon
had made a smiley face in the evening sky!
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