Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kurashiki... more pics

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  1. Joan, it is really so exciting to see your photos from Japan. It is so beautiful and yet simple. An elegant style. I like too that the Japanese cooks have a band around their hair - which is something other cooks should think of!! (I have seen some "lady-cooks" on TV with their long hair down in the dessert they are making. Irrh!)

    Thank you for shaeing. Next!!
    Grethe `)

  2. Just doing some catching up on my favorite blogs, Joan, and enjoying every minute, and picture, of your trip. You bring Japan and its people home to me in each and every post.

  3. What a feast for the eyes! The Japanese aesthetic is something that, once I discovered it, has tinged my own approach to gardening, house decoration, flower arrangement etc. Only tinged -- I'm too western to be quite so spare. But it's a beautiful ideal.