Monday, May 21, 2012

I enjoyed our stay in Dunedin.
Here I am outside Larnach Castle,
NZ's only castle.

This was my first visit.

A beautiful home and a wonderful garden,
overlooking the Dunedin harbour. 

This house has a remarkable history 

with scandals 

and murder. 

Owen Marshall
has written a fascinating novel about Larnach Castle
that I've been listening to
on Radio NZ. 

My 80 year old sister and her lovely grandaughter Rachel.
Rachel is a first year student at Otago University, Dunedin.
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  1. How delightful to see your sister with her granddaughter and what a beautiful place to attend university.

    I think I would need several days to see the castle. I once heard staircases such as these described as dancing staircases. How dizzying and incredible at the same time to see them.

  2. You are becoming quite a traveller Joan. I've heard some of the series on National Radio, so enjoyed seeing your visit to Larnach Castle.

  3. I'm completely intrigued by the castle and shall look for the novel. Your pictures are marvelous. And Fleur's Place is charming. How I wish I could visit NZ!

  4. Come Vicki.. I would love to show you around.