Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kanazawa.. sleeping in the Geisha House...

I cannot wait any longer.
I just have to tell you about our stay in the Geisha House in Kanazawa.


Tip tapping Geisha ghost
tripping on black lacquered stairs.
Aha. Screen latch left open.

Can you imagine
arriving in Kanazawa ;
taxi from the railway station;
winding through narrow ancient streets

to be deposited at this doorway..
and welcomed by the delightful host and his wife
into their beautiful guest house
that once housed the Geisha! 

This was such a highlight for me.
See Nicloa looking at me from the tiny inner courtyard..
(can you see the slippers waiting should you wish to step into the garden).. 

the shiny grey tiled roofs
(did you ever see The film of The Geisha where the little girl escaped over the tiled roofs?)

This was where my sister and I slept..
on futons on tatami mats with light plump quilts on top
and beautiful rice paper shoji screens.
No secrets in this place.

The beautiful scroll and works of art .. all with a meaning.

The small sitting area  with painted screens outside our room. 

Nicola at the foot of the lacquered stairs.
Impossible to walk silently
down these old wooden stairs
wearing the clippy clop slippers!

Our slippers outside our bedroom door
and the little chairs and table by the window screens
where I sat and wrote in my small  Moleskine journal. 

Simplicity and  beauty..
and peace.

A place for cleansing
and contemplation.. 

Hear the dripping of water. 

The passage to the street entrance. 

Wooden slippers to wear in the street..
soft slippers to wear around the house..
and slippers to wear to the toilet. 

And then!
The bath.
Filled to the brim with clean hot water
and wooden covers to keep the water hot and steamy.. 

 Sit and use the shower to rinse and soap and scrub..
and rinse again..
and then clean as clean
climb  into the tub of hot water to soak.
Oh Bliss!!!
My sister and I shared the bathroom..
scrubbing one another's
just as our mother did for us when we were little girls.

Baskets to hold your towels.. 

 and a place to wash your teeth.
Warm and clean
we sleep soundly in our futon beds
dreaming of Geisha beauties and all kinds of intrigue.

This place was heaven for me!
I will never forget our stay in The Geisha House.
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  1. Oh I am jealous!
    One of my favorite books was Memoir of a Geisha....You have given me a gift
    have a wonderful lucky girl and sis

    1. I hope you can go there one day Suz. How you would love it.

  2. Wow,Wow,Wow, Joan. It is so beautiful and it must have been a wonderful experience to you. I love those shining black laquered stairs and floors.

    I once thought I could make such fine Japanese scrolls in my windows myself !! (My colours in my sitting room are darkred and black). But I really did not succeed. It remained a dream and I'm in awe when I see this interior.

    I have heard that the bathing water is very hot. Is that true?

    Thank you for sharing Japan with us. It's very much appreciated.
    Grethe ´)

    1. Oh yes the Japanese decor is simplicity and beauty.
      The bath water is very hot if you are the first user! I was afraid I would not tolerate the heat but it was wonderful. Post menopausal makes a difference!!

  3. How beautiful. Thank you for taking me there Joan, into a world of such elegance and simplicity.

  4. Oh, my! Such beauty! I am really enjoying your trip to Japan!

  5. Joan, I felt like I was with you through each passageway and room of the geisha house. What a remarkable experience; serene and beautiful.