Wednesday, February 22, 2012

With love..

Thinking of fellow Kiwis today
in Christchurch.
The garden City
that fell
a year ago
when Papatuanuku
stretched and moved
and shocked us all..rch
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  1. I just read in the news headlines of the commemoration. I hope lives have been rebuilt and are moving forward.

    It's nice to see you in your "habit." Living these different lives is enriching and adds to our storehouse. I can well imagine it provided you with a wonderful way to enter the next phase.

    BTW: I received your "P.S." and amended my comment to you on my last post for clarity. :)

  2. I've set up a google account with a password, Joan, in hopes that I can finally reply with a comment. I don't give up easily, but, as you know, blogspot has been, shall we say difficult. Sigh.

    This is such a fitting way to remember all those effected by the earthquake last year in Christchurch. Thank you for this, Joan.

    How nice to see your smiling face looking back with you in your habit. As Teresa states above, all we do and go through "adds to our storehouse".

  3. Hard to believe it's a year, isn't it? And I LOVE the photo! You look very Sound of Music (and strangely unchanged!) xx