Monday, February 27, 2012

old and misshapen
I happen to believe
this is a listening tree..

he never speaks
but he listens

there he is
down at the lake..

always ready to listen
and if I'm very still and quiet..
wisdom's there.
I'm hoping by spending time with this listening tree I will learn to become
a listening tree too.

I got the idea of a listening tree from Sister Macrina  (May 2011)
who found a listening tree in her monastery grounds.

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  1. I know a listening tree - a wise old oak, leaning over the River Calder, so old that his branches are covered in ferns. I introduced him to my two year old granddaughter the other day and she was silent, bright eyed and smiling.

  2. Oh, look at that tree's beautiful and wise face. Yes, it's good to have a tree that listens.

  3. Joan, I can just about see his wizened face and he looks like he holds a great deal of stories and woes and happiness about him.

  4. Oh, wow. What a beautiful tree!


  5. That's beautiful, such a wise old man of a tree. I'm just catching up after a very busy time.