Thursday, February 28, 2013

The gift that grew...

When lovely Lucy and The Sweet Small Girl
went to live in a different city,
they brought me a goodbye gift from their garden..
a Lemon Balm plant.

It grows profusely in my little garden, and
whenever I happen to brush past and catch the fresh and lovely scent
those two special people always come into my mind.

Not only do I love the fragrance of the Lemon Balm.
New plants often pop up around the garden
and I pull them out and bring the fresh new leaves into my kitchen
to make fragrant tea. 

It can be simmered for ten minutes for a stronger brew,
 and I love the fresh fragrance that wafts through my house.

But what I most love
is to pop some leaves into a pot,
pour on boiling water,
maybe a little honey,
and leave to steep a while.
(little teapot belongs to daughter-in-law living in London)
Good for digestion and relaxing.

I sit
and sip the sweet refreshing tea,
and think of Lucy and The Sweet Small Girl.
Truly a gift
that keeps on giving.
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  1. a lovely story, i have lemon balm too but have not made tea with it

  2. What a fragrant gift; it keeps on growing and well as giving.

  3. lovely ... makes me feel relaxed reading it >>> Gina

  4. I have lemon balm, which gives so freely of itself in the garden. I've been transplanting it now to places I want to deter the herd of deer, who do not like it. I've never made tea, Joan. Now, I must try it!

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  6. I have just seen this! I have been very remiss in not thanking you for the lovely parcel. We so miss our visits to your little eyrie and I love your gardens photos. Perhaps you need a walk to Wellington? xx