Monday, February 25, 2013

So, where have you been
you may well ask.

is where I have been. 

I walk along streets  I have driven down a hundred times
and discover things I have never noticed before. 

 The half forgotten once upon a time Maori villages
and quiet parks

and paths I've never walked before. 

I've listened to the river  

and the birds 

and rested on quiet jetties.

 And when my legs ache and the sun is hot

like the river I just keep moving on.
Walking is such a  human thing.
When I come upon busy traffic it suddenly all seems absurd.
The rush and noise.

I have grown to love instead the quiet places..  and walking.

I am training for the walk of my life.
5oo miles
in our antipodes..
Buen Camino!

One month to go.
I keep on walking.....
I dream.. and keep on walking. 
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  1. Oh, Joan, I have deep full goosebumps.... The "training" in itself sounds heavenly and I can well imagine how divine your walk will be. What a marvelous undertaking you have committed yourself to. Beautiful.

  2. I love hearing about your walking. You will be well prepared for the Camino, both in your spirit and in your body.