Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Big Day dawns at the Bridegroom's house.

1: Steve was banished to the "grandchild's bed" at his Mum's house, the night before. The list is on the floor. (I don't have a grandchild...yet... but Linda named it that.)
2: Breakfast in bed? Steve has breakfast on the top deck..
3:Steve and groomsman Mike from london deliver The Love Bug to the venue and bring back the van.
4: Steve checks the list.
5: Checks the list again.
6: and again, while the bestman and the groomsmen wait.
& OK Mum. See you at the venue .. we're off
7: Have I got that list in my pocket? Just kidding.
You're awesome Steve. Love you heaps. Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Have the happiest day ever.
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