Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Strange Landscapes of My Mind.

Last night's "before sleep doodle"
in my visual diary and the book I am reading -
Diary Of An Ordinary Woman by MargaretForster.

Two diaries of ordinary women?
Does she exist - an ordinary woman?
All the women I know are extraordinary.

Today Joan And Joan2 went to ChimChooRee for a wonderful lunch. We shared Prawn Toasts, Rice Paper Parcels and Goat's Cheese Ravioli. Each course was exquisite. Mint, crispy fried? basil leaves.... This is living in the NOW food.
It had my full attention every mouthful.
After a great coffee we went to see the movie NINE. I loved Judy Dench (Now there's a woman!).. the dancing.. an intriguing movie.

I will miss you Joan, when you leave to go live at the beach.
Thank you for the memories!! What times we have had!!
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