Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Mad Idea or a brilliant one?

Now this is exciting - or is it dangerous.
My upstairs bathroom is painted white.
I have had plans to wallpaper it.
I just had this idea, thanks to Beez in the Belfry,
That I could doodle it as in zentangles!
Not that I am an official zentangler! I have just come across zentangles.
I can just see it all black and white and a stunning chandelier!!

Help friends. Should I??
Should I let loose with black pens and doodle my bathroom?
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  1. Ooh! My tendency is to say yes. But what a project! I want to see pictures if you do it!

  2. Yes go for it! I think it would be great and you would have such fun - you could do areas at random when the mood takes you.
    And yes - I will enjoy seeing your progress photos.