Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why am I blogging?

I am hoping my blog will encourage me to "do" art. My aim is to add something creative every day.
Basically, now I'm retired, I live like a chook. Chook philosophy is simple and effective.
Mo and I had two chooks, Janny and Carla.. They had their own little house and pen for the night, but roamed freely during the day. After Mo died those chooks decided they would rather live with me and it was a constant battle keeping them outside. In the end young friend Jodie and her husband Ian took them to their small farm where I'm sure they live still producing their beautiful eggs.

So how is it I live like a chook? It is what Janny and Carla taught me:

* rise when the sun comes up

* always be alert and mindful

* keep close to your friends

*live the moment -don't worry about what was or what might be

* do something creative every day and take joy in your achievements (Janny and Carla laid an egg each day and what a proud lot of cackling went on afterwards)

*enjoy every moment of every activity

*do something nice for yourself (Janny and Carla had a dust bath every fine day)

*Go to bed when the sun goes down

OK. So I might not be so good at going to bed when the sun goes down. And Janny and Carla weren't perfect. Carla was bossy and Janny submissive. Poo on the back porch was not nice! But as I live the final third of my life I have decided chook philosphy is what I will live by and this blog is part of my daily creativity... all going to plan!

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