Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a lovely time.
Rather than going via Rotorua, I decided to drive over the Kaimais and down the East Coast on Christmas day on my way to Whakatane, and a good decision it was. I listened to Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" on Radio NZ as I drove down the long coast road, with the ocean on one side and red flowering Pohutukawa ( NZ Christmas ) trees along the cliffs on the other. So beautiful with the sun shining. A perfect NZ Christmas.

Shared food made for a great feast, outside under the pergola in Linda's garden. A candle for Vince glowed amongst the food. The first Christmas without him. He would have approved of the food, especially the great range of desserts.
From memory - theMenu: cold cuts- roast pork, rolled chicken, ham, smoked chicken, shrimp/vege kebabs, zuccini quiche,
green and red salads, jellied beetroot, potatoes, fresh asparagus..
desserts- pavlova, trifle, jellies, fresh fruit salad, ricotta cheese cake, ice cream
Xmas cake, baklava, Chocolate Marshmallow Surprises, Xmas mince pies...

Entertainment - Secret Santa gifts, The Moroccan DVD Spot The Aunty , and the two gorgeous kittens Miss Rosie Purrrkins and Cruze!

A cup of tea and a lie down about made the day complete.

Boxing day - after lunch of leftovers, off to Ohope beach for swimming and lazing about on the sand.

The two Kiwi Londoner's Steve and Ann, did remember friends freezing in the UK but soaked up the NZ warmth of the sun with glee.

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