Sunday, August 10, 2014

A day at the Craft Show with Pat.
There were so many gorgeous quilts but I must say
I was drawn to the simplicity of 
Quilts made with secondhand fabrics.

And some of the more wobbly ones
If you know what I mean.
I enjoyed meeting up with friend Raewyn,
A master ( mistress ?) wet felter. 
All up
It was an inspiring day. 
To get those 
Unfinished quilts at home 


  1. The crafts are all so great. I really like seeing the quilts. I have three generations of quilts from my mom's side. I like to look to see if they have similar patterns.

  2. What gorgeous quilts. I love the dragon fly one.

  3. How lovely these all are, Joan, and your positioning of the photos on the page here work of art in itself. I have two old ones from Tom's family that we cherish - one is a little wobbly :)

  4. I love the wobbly ones! The human touch makes them more appealing to me.