Saturday, January 25, 2014

                                             Dear Blogger Friends..

That is .. if I still have some Blogger Friends.  I have been absent for so long, I doubt you will be still here.  I have been in a foreign land called Facebook.  How ridiculous is that!

2013 was a year with a difference.  The year I walked The Camino.
I promised to share with you how it was to walk 500 miles of pilgrimage.
Will you be surprised I wrote hardly anything while walking.
I believe it has taken me ever since to absorb and think about what the walk has meant to me.

I have decided to share with you my strange little journal
written immediately after the walk.

I was staying in St Albans, a beautiful pilgrim place in England, and every day I would pop into the
Medieval Abbey with my little journal, to think and write.
I wrote only on the right hand page.  I added photos later when I returned home.

You may have a problem making sense of it.
Whatever...  here it is.   The first part of a Journal of a Pilgrimage.. 


  1. So glad you are back, Joan! I look forward to examining these beautiful pages.

  2. Oh, my! I would love to see this published. This is a gem.

  3. Oh dear one...welcome back...and yes I agree with Vicki
    it is a beautiful book....and yes...I have thought of you often...wondering

  4. Happy to see you up on the screen, Joan. (I also disappear; life's like that . . . so much to explore.) Your book's amazing -- how wonderful it would be if it were published.

  5. Joan, it's wonderful to see you back, and I've been longing to hear about your pilgrimage. By increasing the page size I was able to read much of this precious journal, and I find myself really moved by it: the way 'Santiago' becomes a chant that sustains you and draws you onward, the rising and setting sun, and the 'parables of nature' as you so eloquently call them. Your talent is as big as your soul. Thank you for sharing this beautiful book.

  6. Joan, what a journey! It's so lovely to see you here again. And your journal is stunning. You are such a gifted artist. It looks like your pilgrimage stirred your soul. It's breathtaking.

  7. Popped over from Vicki's blog. What a journey. What a journal. Inspiring pilgrimage. I will look forward to reading your archives.

  8. I also stopped by through Vicki's blog. Your journal is fantastic, what a wonderful recording of a once in a lifetime adventure.

  9. Dear Joan, I have been missing and missing you, checking here once-in-awhile to see if you posted. When I saw you had commented on Juliet's blog, I hopped on over and am now filled with delight to see you back and to see your journal. Joan, it is a beautiful piece of artwork and catalogue of a most magnificent journey. Penny

  10. I just now saw this post ... was thinking about you, wondering how your journey through this world is going ... I hope all is well and life is overflowing with goodness for you ...

  11. Came to your site from a comment you left on Zentangle blog 28 February 2010....and the gift I find is an artist who chronicled their walk on The Camino...I salute you for completing the walk and sharing your innermost thoughts...from a kindred soul in Snohomish, Washington, USA

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