Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm back...

Greetings blogging friends.. if I still have some!   I've been away exploring the world.
I've walked 500 miles across Spain.
I've been in England, Ireland and Scotland..
but now I'm home and I'm re-claiming my blog...


  1. Joan, welcome home! What a great pilgrimage you have had, and I'm sure you have brought back many tales and images. I look forward to hearing about it.

  2. Just thought I'd take a moment to check and see if you were back, Joan, and here you are, nearly two weeks ago, posting again. Can you see me smiling up here in the northern hemisphere? Welcome back. I look forward to hearing about your long walk and travels, my dear New Zealand friend. You've been missed here on the Cutoff; sorely missed.

  3. Joan, I have been thinking of you and hoping you will return. I miss your musings and beautiful doodlings.

  4. Hurrah! I've missed you and look forward to hearing about your travels!

  5. Sounds absolutely amazing, Joan! My blog time is limited these days since I injured a tendon in my shoulder. Hope you share some of your grand adventures!

  6. Welcome back Joan. Must be the time of the year. I have restarted my blog too.
    Look forward to your posts.
    Love Eileen