Friday, December 21, 2012

Paradise enough..

Just trying .. having blogging isues 

It worked!

These photos were taken during our Abel Tasman Coast walk.

It was fabulous.
We walked over 50 kilometres, staying in four huts.
No power.
Sleep when the sun went down.
Waking with the birds.
 Beech and manuka forests and golden sand beaches and crystal clear blue sea.

 A week after our return, two Jehovah's Witnesses appeared at my sister's door. 
Opening their Watchtower mag. they showed her a picture of Paradise,
a beautiful beach and sea and shining skies ...etc etc.
"Would you like to live there one day?" they asked.
  She threw up her hands in glee
"I was there!  Last week!
I walked the Abel Tasman Coast walk!
It was paradise!

It is so long since I blogged!
It feels good to be back!

Happy Christmas season everyone!
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  1. That is such a great story! Welcome back, we have all missed you xx

  2. It is so exciting seeing you back, Joan, and I know there will be more excitement and wonder about your trip. Paradise, indeed!

  3. I laughed aloud at your sister's response to the JWs. That is a fabulous piece of coast, and how wonderful that your legs can do the walking. There's nothing more refreshing than being away from everything, in the rhythm of nature and your own body. Great to see you back Joan.

  4. What a good story about your sister and the Jehova Witness-people.
    Your tour really sounds like a trip to Paradise. This must have been a beautiful experience. I love that beach with the turquoise water.
    Happy New Year Joan!

  5. splendid photos..