Thursday, August 23, 2012

From my winter home,
because the trees are bare of leaf,
I can see right across to the far side
of the Waikato Basin to Te Aroha,
 Mountain of Love.

Today I travelled east with the mountain before me.
A sad and poignant day.
I was going to the funeral of Kevin, son of my dear cousin Lyn.
I was travelling on the very road where the tragedy had struck
leaving a family bereft. 

Have you ever noticed a beautiful synchronicity
with the earth when we grieve?
Or is it that my senses are alerted and I notice nature
and translate what I see into signs and parables.
As I drove along the highway
a huge cloud formed over Te Aroha. 

It began to take the form of some angelic guardian
looming over this place where Kevin lived his rich life. 

Do not fear
it seemed to say.
knows your sorrow. 

A circle closes.
To be sad means we have loved.
To die means we have lived.
I feel such gratitude
for sharing in these mysteries of living
in this universe that we scarcely understand. 
Kevin greatly lived and loved.
A circle closes.

Have you ever noticed how mountains always
look smaller up close.
As a grieving family gathers close
there is the healing laughter of memory
as well as tears.

As I left Te Aroha
the clouds were there still,
but looked like happy dancing puppies frolicking with joy,

and sun tipped clouds 

and rays of light that spoke of hope. 

At home I looked to see Te Aroha
but instead one
through the misty rain..
a parable of love.

My love to all those Kev left behind.

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  1. This is so very beautiful, Joan. I am moved by your tribute. I see forms in clouds that I find reassuring, providing hope and comfort. Your words express perfectly this wonderfully affirming phenomena.

  2. Strange clouds - particularly the "wings" as you left. And a rainbow when you got home - thank you for a lovely post, Joan, and strength to those who Kev left behind. Jo

  3. I am so sorry for your loss, Joan, and that of your family. You have written such a touching tribute to Kevin and I'm sure your words and pictures will help all in their grieving. "You ask Have you ever noticed how the earth seems to be in sinc when we grieve?" - and I would answer yes, Joan, I have noticed this. Blessings to you.

  4. How very sad to hear of this loss, and what a beautiful post as you watch the clouds changing. The big cloud has such a presence, almost like the plume from an eruption of grief, but also a presence of acknowledgment - and then the sky turns on its dance of hope.

  5. I'm sad to hear about your loss, Joan. Your post is a beautiful tribute.
    Grethe ´)

  6. I'm so sorry... But what a beautiful meditation in words and pictures. The last cloud picture is like huge wings...