Saturday, April 28, 2012

After a day of walking mountain steps

a bowl of noodles 

and green tea is just right! 
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  1. "I can feel this place is somehow changing me." That sounds like the best kind of travel. The shrines and temples and those saffron robes.... what a lovely place to Be.

    You are beautiful, Joan.

  2. What a joy it has been climbing those steps vicariously with you, dear Joan. This is so serene and so beautiful. I admire how you chose to honor your sister who could not be with you by carrying a walking stick. There are so many ways to carry our family and friends with us, aren't there? A good reminder for me as I move about.

  3. Hello Joan, I have read and seen your beautiful posts from Japan. It's a wonderful and exciting place. The Japanese people has such an amazing sense of beauty. It shines through everything. What you write about their reverence for children and old people is right. I have just seen it proved from a Japanese woman, whose old mother is sick. It is so touching how the family takes care of their mother in the most decent way. We could learn something here in Denmark about how to treat old people in a better way.
    Thank you so much for sharing your Japan tour with us.
    It really must have been a good and very special experience.
    Grethe ´)